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Diffusing Essential Oils

An Introduction to Diffusion for Balance,
Beauty and Well-Being for Body and Home

Instructor: William R. McGilvray, Founder of the Australian Essential Oil Company in New South Wales, Australia, and Co-Director of Plant Extracts International Inc.
Monday, February 15, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Type: Demonstration
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Essential oils, the concentrated volatile natural chemicals of plants, have a long and rich history in plant medicine. Studies around the world support their use in the prevention and treatment of many conditions. Because of their potency, these precious substances are most safely, effectively and economically utilized through proper diffusion into the air in your environment. We are thrilled to present this class, taught by Australian William McGilvray, one of the world's top authorities on the production, chemistry and use of essential oils. Register today to insure your place and learn "the art of essential oil diffusion" for the benefit of your family and home.

And check the site again when their March classes are posted. Bill's second class, also free, is Wednesday, March 17 on "The Australian Essential Oils".

Use your oils in these diffusers.